Our brand

Welcome to Barker & Fetch!
Inspired by the need to find stylish threads for large dogs, all of our designs have been carefully selected to reflect our personal style.
Working full-time as a Veterinary Nurse, I am in daily contact with dogs in need, which is why I decided to venture into this business, with the determination to raise money and awareness for those in crisis.
A percentage of our profit is donated to AN EXTRA PAW.
AN EXTRA PAW is a community service, aimed to assist families going through financial hardship and ensure their dogs are receiving much needed food, bedding and veterinary attention.
Life isn't always smooth sailing and tough financial situations can affect any of us throughout our lives, which is why Melissa Taylor began this service; ensuring much loved family pets could continue to stay with their owners during hard times, keeping their bond and preventing more dogs from being surrendered to already over-crowded pounds and animal shelters.